Weekly roundup 3 November ’14

Homeless hounds

We had the pleasure of meeting gorgeous Paddy at the weekend. Paddy is a stunning white male greyhound who is looking for his forever home via Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary. He arrived in their care several months ago with a broken hock. This has since been treated & now fully healed, & Paddy is enjoying life with his foster siblings (a greyhound & a galgo) in Edinburgh. However he would so love a sofa & family of his own. If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful boy please contact SGS directly.




11 year old greyhound Phoebe is looking for a home via Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. What a sweet grey face she has <3


Tricks for Treats

How cool to see one of our Tricks for Treats bandanas being worn by a greyhound all the way over in Texas! GALT‘s Cricket ready for Halloween:



G rex

Gizzy AKA ‘G rex’ came second in SOS Animals UK‘s fundraising Halloween Photo Competition!


Training greyhounds (& other ‘difficult’ breeds)

Love Sarah Whitehead’s take on training greyhounds: “Learning to manage breed specific drives and needs is a part of being a good owner, and this is even more important if you own one of the so-called ‘difficult’ breeds. Owning a breed which has a reputation for being ‘different’ in training shouldn’t be a reason to give up on training altogether – it’s simply more of a challenge to find the things that motivate your dog, and the type of training exercises that he or she enjoys.” 

Sitting pretty

“No, you must look at us, we are far more beautiful than whatever’s on the screen! Plus, er, we can’t figure out how to fit in this bed together lying down…” – The Boys ‘helping’ their Dad watch TV last night <3


Trip to Seacliffs

Molly had fun at Seacliffs beach with her lurcher pal Gypsy & her ‘Granny’

A chilled out houndy Halloween

I Heart Whippets’ Christmas Charity Auction

iheartwhippets‘ Christmas auction is now open. All money raised will be donated to Scruples Whippet Rescue (50%), Birmingham Greyhound Protection (25%) and Greyhound Rescue SA (25%). Lots of beautiful lots available to bid on, including 2 donated by ourselves.

Our T-shirts are ethical

In the wake of Whistles pro-feminismT-shirts being exposed as being the produced in sweatshops in Mauritius, we’d like to assure you that all the T-shirts we print on are EarthPositive® apparel, meaning they are not only ethically made with fair labour practices & a transparent manufacturing supply chain, but also organic and manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. They cost a little bit more than some other T-shirts you’ll find because of this, but we think it’s worth it =)


Weekly roundup 27 October ’14

2 for 1 deal on hand printed shopping bags

Starting 20th October, all Scottish retailers are required by law to charge a minimum of 5p for each new single-use carrier bag. To celebrate this important step in encouraging the public to re-use & reduce waste, we’re offering a 2 for 1 deal on all our hand printed reusable shopping bags from now till the end of the month. Use the coupon code “2FOR1BAGS” when checking out of our Etsy shop with any 2 large tote bags & you will only be charged for one of them We think our bags make a colourful & environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags for carrying your shopping. (Offer ends 31st October, you don’t need to live in Scotland to take part!)

64262_10152402970631430_2094834981402633633_nWorth reading

Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary auction

Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary are currently holding their annual Halloween Auction over on their forum. We’ve donated 2 lots: one of our mounted Sighthound Typography prints, & a pack of our Christmas/Holiday cards.


Ahoy matey!

Dennis agreed to help model our new pirate bandana on the condition that he could play with his Super Snake whilst he had it on – hmmm, not quite the shot I was looking for, but he does make me smile =)


Sorry Dennis, you didn’t quite make the final cut!


Cani-Sports Edinburgh races

First place runners in each race category at Cani-Sports Edinburgh‘s upcoming races at Foxlake will win one of our hand printed sports bags as part of their prize. If you love to run with your dog there’s still time to get your entries in, & if not then why not come along & spectate – it’s a great opportunity to see what canicross is all about, in a lovely setting, with a host of doggy charity & product stalls there too =)


Hounds in Hemma

Dennis had a wee adventure this morning, riding the bus into Edinburgh to meet some of his houndy pals for a walk round Arthur’s Seat followed by brunch at Hemma. 

10710665_10152414230721430_3489783614887774798_nGizzy’s ‘poker face’

Gizzy cracks me up! This is him ‘helping’ his Dad play cards on Sunday evening. 



Weekly roundup 20 October ’14

Commissions Corner

** Opt to Adopt **
Oops, not sure how this one slipped past us until now but just found pics of these custom greyhound adoption bandanas we made for rescued hounds Bailey & Murphy a few months back! Better late than never…


& next s slightly quirky custom order (Hounds who don’t do small furries avert your eyes please!)… Usually we ask customers to provide pics that show their pets faces for creating prints from, but this bunny’s Mum wanted her custom tea towels to show off the cute way Betty lies with her back legs stretched out behind her wee bottom ;-)



Super Snakes

Dennis says thank you for my snake Nikki & Murphy – it’s even more fun to play with than my existing blue snake as this one has proper ‘Dennis the Menace’ colours & everything! I even let Sandy have a wee go on it, but then I took it back coz you did give it to me not him after all. Mum likes it too coz it’s not quite as noisy as my other one ;-)


Ssshhhh…. Whilst Dennis was asleep Sandy stole his new snake toy!


Dennis & Sandy highly recommend the Super Snake toys from Just Dogs Shop – they have had hours of squeaky fun with them &, unlike most other soft toys in this house, they are still intact!

Senior Sighthound Project

The Senior Sighthound Project aims to help support UK Sighthound rescues to provide loving, secure comfortable lifetime homes to elderly Sighthounds; hounds who have been discarded for whatever reason and who are usually deemed unadoptable by the average pet seeking household. These beautiful beings, rejected for no fault of their own, can live out their lives in a peaceful home, dedicated to meeting their needs, where they will be appreciated for the sweet souls that they are.



Sighthound Typography

A while back we played around creating word art with some of our favourite sighthound breeds. Our ‘Sighthound Typography’ is now available to purchase as mounted prints via our Etsy shop. At just £2.50, this would make a lovely wee gift for any sighthound lover, & no need to buy a frame or anything as it’s foamboard mounted with a small hanger attached to the back  =) Dimensions: 250 x 140 x 5mm



Are domestic dogs losing the ability to get along with each other?


A really interesting article which I think helps explain the dramatic impact that lack of appropriate socialisation during puppy-hoods spent in the racing industry can have on ‘retired’ greyhounds’ interactions with other dogs. Also a great insight into the lives that street dogs (such as our own little Spanish podenco Gizzy) lead prior to rescue, & how this can impact both positively & negatively on their behaviour around other dogs when they are rescued and become pets.

45 mph couch potatoes

Saturday night on the sofa…


Weekly roundup 13 October ’14

Still a few SALE items remaining

The following items are still on sale in our Etsy shop with 25% off:

Greyhound Racing: Bleurgh

We’ve made our feelings about greyhound racing clear before (see our Greyhound Racing: Dispelling the Myths article) but a few news items cropped up this week which we felt compelled to comment on.

Did you know the UK greyhound racing industry is self regulated? That means racing greyhounds can be given Class A illegal drugs like cocaine without any police investigation or consequences (for the people responsible – there are of course consequences for the dog, there always are =( ).


Ha! Has anyone ever rescued/fostered/adopted a greyhound whose condition (both physical & behavioural) has assured them that they are one of “the most regulated and protected canine breed[s] in the country” or that “the sport is committed to their welfare”?! (Thought not.)

Pronking Podenco

Remember this amazing pic Martin took of Gizzy just last month? Well I’ve been working on creating a screen printing image based on it, so watch this space for ‘pronking podenco’ prints coming soon to bags, T-shirts & more  ;-)

Hand printed cushion covers

Printed a bunch of new cushions in some of my favourite designs to match our new sofa/livingroom. These will soon be available to purchase via our shop (once I get round to listing them all!). Meantime, if you like the cushions but these colours don’t suit your own home feel free to get in touch & ask about having them printed in alternate colours that do =)

Weekly roundup 6 October ’14

Homemade treats & pickle pockets

I justify our dogs’ wide & varied collection on the basis that they’re ‘educational toys’ – not just fun for them to play with but engage their brains as well as they figure out how to extract the goodies I’ve stuffed inside ;-) Here’s Dennis with the latest addition to our collection, the ‘pickle pocket‘, stuffed with some of the homemade lambs liver & tapioca treats I baked the other day. He fair enjoyed it!



Rules are made to be broken

The dogs all take our ‘no dogs on the bed’ rule ever so seriously…! I accidentally left the bedroom door open whilst I was in the shower & this is the scene I came back to:



Christmas whisper

OK, we know it’s only just October so we’ll whisper this very quietly & promise not to mention it again for a while… Our Christmas/Holiday cards are now in stock! Thanks again to everyone on our Facebook page who provided feedback about what greeting we should print inside our cards – we’re delighted to be able to offer a choice of “Holiday” or “Christmas” greetings  The cards are currently available to purchase in packs of 4 via our Etsy store & will shortly be available from Just Dogs Shop in Edinburgh & Links Veterinary Group in Haddington (which often feels like our ‘home from home’!) as well.


(If you’d like to enquire into stocking our Christmas cards please get in touch by emailing thedoghouse.etsy@googlemail.com.)

Brotherly love

Poor wee Gizzy was injured by another dog the other day =( His big brother’s taking good care of him whilst he recovers though. Dennis says “Don’t you go picking on my wee bro Gizzy unless you’re prepared to go through me first!”



Weekly roundup 29 September ’14


On the way back home from Skye we stopped for a wee walk out to Pattack Falls with friends, & found this beautiful rainbow shining through them… 



Hands (& hounds) around the green hills

Last week we joined with hundreds of other members of the local community in creating a community circle around part of the green space being threatened by the Cockenzie Energy Park proposals. (You can spot us with the hounds top left of this pic – no Gizzy coz the bangs in the preceding historic battle reenactment were too scary for him.) If these proposals go ahead we will sadly lose all the fields & green space on our doorstep where the dogs enjoy their walks each day, & our beautiful coastline will be changed forever. More info here if you’re interested: Coastal Regeneration Alliance


picture courtesy of Scott Glynn


aerial shot by Carl John Barber

Who’s the thief?!

Someone has a sweet tooth… Can you guess which one of these angelic hounds helped themselves to half a plum crumble last night?! (& which silly Mum left it sitting on the edge of the kitchen worktop to cool!)


(The answer is: Sandy, our little Sugar Plum Fairy!)

Podenco Jewellery

Absolutely love this beautiful podenco ring by Rose Madder - handmade here in Scotland & a portion of the profits is donated to podenco rescue, what’s not to love?!


How to socialise your hound

Brilliant advice from Sarah Reusche & Lili Chin on socialization and very relevant to newly rescued/adopted greyhounds who sadly miss out on all this in their younger years…


Sale ongoing

These hand printed items are now all SOLD!

But the following are still available with 25% off...

Weekly roundup 22 September ’14

Hounds on Skye day 5: up round the top bit!

a walk out to Neist point then fossil hunting at Flodigarry with lots of dramatic scenery in between 

Hounds on Skye day 6: Coral beach

Weather not so great & midges out in force, but enjoyed a nice walk out to the beautiful coral beach at Claigan with Sandy & Gizzy nonetheless…

End of Summer SALE still going

New hand printed items added with 25% off, available via our Etsy shop

Hounds on Skye: at the cottage

Just hanging out at Wild Orchid Cottage…

Cani-Sports Scotland races at Coalsnaughton

Sandy finally back in action at his first canicross races since his toe amputation, with not a hint of a limp! Only sorry I wasn’t able to run with him myself, but huge thanks to my friend Lan who made sure he didn’t miss out =)

image courtesy of Fraser Connal / Cani-Sports Scotland

& Gizzy didn’t miss out on the action this weekend either thanks to Cani-Sports Edinburgh’s Rogue Dog  ;-)

image courtesy of Fraser Connal / Cani-Sports Scotland

Though I didn’t get to run myself (thanks to some lovely cellulitis) I did get to hang out with our ex foster dog Coco for the day =)

10593044_10154614740205525_6200970295436823534_n (1)

Gizzy & Rogue Dog at the end of the 2.5K they canicrossed together at the weekend – love how Gizzy assumes all the cheering and fuss is about him!

GreYt news!

This year, thanks to your feedback, our Christmas cards will be available with 2 alternate greetings inside: “Have a Hounderful Christmas!” or “Hope your Holidays are Hounderful!”, so hopefully we can please everyone (well at least everyone who loves hounds!!)  The cards are currently being printed by the lovely folk at Southfield Stationers Ltd & will soon be available to purchase, in packs of 4 (all with either Christmas or Holidays wording inside), both on & offline =)


Hounds on Skye day 7: The Fairy Pools

Dreich weather & photos absolutely don’t do these stunning pools & falls justice, dogs & I had a paddle but sadly not a swim. Next time…

Weekly roundup 15 September ’14

Hounds on Skye day 3: The Quiraing

“…the terror that walketh in darkness, here walks by day…”

We didn’t let the first line in the guide book put us off experiencing the awesomeness of the Quiraing! We left Molly back at the cottage with her ‘Granny’ for a ‘girls day’ (mostly consisting of sunbathing in the garden) & took the boys together with their cousin Ziggy. Gizzy was the only one of us who made it right up to the Table (thanks to his Uncle Phil), but the rest of us still made it far enough to enjoy the breathtaking views…

End of Summer SALE

Our sale continues, with these hand printed items added this week…

Cani-Sports Edinburgh Races

We’re proud to sponsor Cani-Sports Edinburgh‘s first ever fun & friendly community-based canicross races, happening right here in East Lothian later this year =)


Kindness, Patience & Positive Reinforcement

There’s an image circulating Facebook at the moment poking fun at greyhounds’ supposed inability to perform simple feats when asked to such as sit, lie down, come, shake, fetch, rollover & stay. We won’t be sharing it here as it not only perpetuates the myth that greyhounds are ‘dim’ & untrainable, but also obscures/makes light of the very serious underlying reason WHY these sorts of behaviours may not come naturally to so many ex racing greyhounds:

Ex racing greyhounds are at a distinct disadvantage compared to other breeds on account of their upbringing within an industry where they do not experience any training of this kind as puppies (& often for much of their adult lives too), are actively trained in a behaviour (chasing) which in many cases can conflict with the above behaviours, & have no reason whatsoever to trust (& sadly sometimes every reason NOT to trust) the humans who exploit them. Despite this, my own dogs are testament to the fact that with kindness, patience & positive reinforcement, greyhounds are more than capable of doing all of the above & much more.


You get out of ex racing greyhounds what you put in: If you want to teach them to do all the things described above (& I highly recommend it, coz it means both you & they will get so much more out of your relationship), build their trust, find out what is rewarding to them, & use positive reinforcement to train them to do it.

Hounds on Skye day 4: Glenbrittle Beach

A trip to the lovely, if a little chilly, Glenbrittle beach with Molly, Gizzy, Ziggy & family…

Weekly Roundup 8 September ’14

End of Summer SALE!

These hand printed items are available in selected sizes only with 25% off their original price in the SALE section of our Etsy shop.

Hounds on Skye day 1: The Storr

Climbing the Storr in the rain & mist with 4 dogs attached to your waist is probably inadvisable & definitely a little nerve racking at times & some might say we should’ve stopped when we reached the Old Man at the bottom, but we don’t do things by halves…


The day after she arrived back from her holiday in Skye Molly managed to break one of the bones in her foot on an off lead walk. The good news is she doesn’t need surgery, the bad news is she needs 4 weeks of crate rest. So she is feeling very sorry for herself =(


Hounds on Skye day 2: Isle of Oronsay

A short walk from our cottage across a causeway took us to the little tidal island of Oronsay, where the dogs enjoyed walking, rolling in the grass & even a little bit of swimming, with beautiful views all around us.

Best pic of Gizzy ever??

Taken by Martin yesterday at Seacliff, where Gizzy showed us exactly how all those sofa-digging & laser-pointer-pouncing moves he pulls at home come together!

10540716_10152249878926854_5209261822397091213_o (1)

A few more Martin took of the dogs at Seacliff the other day…

Weekly Roundup 2 September ’14


We’re back from our hols & the sale is ON!


Lots of bargains to be found in the SALE section of our Etsy shop!

Ready, Steady, Go

Loving this pic the dogs’ ‘Uncle’ (my brother-in-law) took of our greyhounds peaking out the front door at the holiday cottage in Skye last week.


They had free run of the 1 acre fully fenced garden, but much of the time preferred to just stand on the doorstep watching the world go by! We took *loads* of pictures of our own, but haven’t had a chance to sift through them all yet. Rest assured we’ll share them once we do =)

Dog Running & Depression

One of the reasons we love canicross: http://k9trailtime.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/dog-running-and-depression/