Happy Campers

Last week Martin, Max, Molly & went on a camping holiday up near Arisaig on the west coast of Scotland. It took us over 5 hours to get there in the car but it was well worth our while. We enjoyed a full 5 days of sunshine & clear blue skies round & about our (highly recommended) campsite at Camusdarach. (Anyone would’ve thought we were abroad!)

Our pitch at Camusdarach

The beaches were amazing, with endless coves of white powdery sand & luminous turquoise water for us & the dogs to explore. Max & Molly had a whale of a time running up & down the sand & in & out of the water, & I was even tempted in for a (brief) dip!

The beautiful beach at Camusdarach

Drying off after a swim in the sea!

We went for some beautiful walks, both along the coast & around the local lochs. We even took the dogs on the ferry over to Skye from MallaigĀ  for the day, where we took in more amazing Scottish scenery & paid my ‘family’ a visit at Dunvegan castle (ancestral seat of the MacLeod clan).

Martin & Molly on Skye

The MacLeod Table Top Mountains on Skye

On our last day we bumped into another couple & their 2 lurchers on the beach at Morar, & Max & Molly got to have a good run around with their new pals. I think they must’ve really tired themselves out as we didn’t hear a peep from them all night in the tent or on the journey home in the car the next day!

Making friends at Morar

Max & Molly snuggled up in their pyjamas the tent

We all had a wonderful holiday & can’t wait to plan our next camping trip together (coming soon!). You can see a full set of our photos here.

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  • What an absolutely beautiful set of photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time as well. We haven’t yet gone camping with our Grey…she’s a bit more high maintenance then her “non-grey” brother. We’re going to give it a try this summer, though!

    • maxandmollydesigns

      I’d definitely recommend taking your grey camping. Ours absolutely adored it! We were a bit worried they wouldn’t understand that the tent was our new ‘home’ for the duration but they seemed to suss it out more or less straight away & we didn’t have any problems.

  • What a great post. The photos are stunning, looks like the dogs had a fabulous time. I used to have a Max and Molly as well, but they a were a Beagle and a Cocker Spaniel.

    • maxandmollydesigns

      Thanks Kim =) How wierd about your dogs having the same names! We got Max & Molly at different times & we just kept the names the kennels had given them (their original racing names were Bannside Maginty & Monica’s Girl!) but I think they are really sweet together.

  • eyeshootphotosandfood

    It seems like a different planet to vile, rainy Manchester – I think it looks really similar to Croatia!

    We’ve always intended to visit that part of Scotland, it looks so beautiful….

    • maxandmollydesigns

      Oh believe me, it can get vile & rainy up there too! I think we just really lucked out with the weather that week ;-) I couldn’t recommend the campsite we stayed at more if you do end up making a visit – spotlessly clean, beach access & beautiful views out over the islands.

  • Absolutely beautiful! The beach looks so pristine…I wanna go there!

  • Looks like you had a great time. The photographs are really good too. I was in Scotland night lambing a few weeks and sadly didn’t see too much sun (could have been the night part of the night lambing of course), it must be amazing in good weather.

  • Wow – night lambing! Was recently on Arran & we saw loads of cute little newborns there, including feral lambs on the Holly Isle. Did NOT have the dogs with me on that occasion though – Max in particular is a bit TOO interested in lambs, if you know what I mean! ;-)

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