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Raffle for the Rabbits

Shhhh, don’t tell Max & Molly but I’ve been fraternizing with ‘the enemy’*! My good friend Annette organises an annual Winter Raffle to raise funds for Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare, & I am one of several artists who have donated a prize.

* the bunnies, not Annette ;-)

After being found covered in blood & urine on a disused railway line, Annette’s rescue rabbit, Wesley, was looked after by Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare. He now lives as a much loved & very well cared for house rabbit with his adoptive sibling, Arabella, & his new Mum, Annette.

Many rabbits & guinea pigs are bought as children’s pets by people seeking the ‘cute & cuddly’ stereotype portrayed by the media. However, children often tire of them quickly & lose interest (usually by the time they reach around 6 months of age & are starting to grow larger & less cutesy)  & every year thousands of them end up abandoned or neglected. Established in 1995, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby, England rescues as many of these animals as possible & rehomes them responsibly.

Every penny raised through the sale of raffle tickets will go directly to help abandoned rabbits & guinea pigs at the shelter. You can purchase your tickets here, to be in with a chance of winning one of 11 fantastic prizes.

The item I have donated as a prize is a tea towel rather aptly hand printed with my ‘All Ears‘ design:

The printed image is derived from a photograph of my rescue greyhound, Max, wearing a pair of bunny ears (whilst no doubt dreaming of chasing rabbits!):

My towel is just one of  a total of 11 prizes though, so let’s take a look at what else you can win in the raffle…

Jeanette of Square Hare has donated her Celestial Hare, Dancing Hare & Faun brooches:

Pey of Peylu has donated a set of her Esme the Brown Bunny prints:

Jen of McGuinness Photography has donated  a set of 4 of her Bunny Rabbit Photo Greeting Cards:

Carly of Naked Carly Art has donated her Original Rabbit Collage:

Alison of Eastwitching has donated her original watercolour painting, ‘The Protector’:

Eline of The High North has donated her Doggy Bag: (even my greyhounds would approve of this!)

Kirsten of Kirsten’s Clay has donated her Snowshoe Hare Footprint Mug:

Debbie of Shaded Memories has donated her Snuggle Sweet Nothings 8×10 photo print:

Kim of Veganessa has donated her White Rabbit Brooch:

& last, but definitely by no means least, Annette of Dragon House of Yuen has donated her own life-sized Mother Hare textile ornament ‘Ermine’:

For more information about each of these prizes, please visit Annette’s blog (where you will also find lots of adorable pictures & tales of her rescue rabbits, Wesley & Arabella). To purchase your tickets, please visit the Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare website where you can pay via PayPal.

& remember, I won’t tell Max & Molly if you won’t! ;-)

(Dog) Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A Winter’s tale, inspired by a walk in the snow this morning & illustrated beautifully by 12 talented Etsy artists…

This morning, the dogs & I woke up to 12″ of snow! Max & Molly tentatively stepped out the back door, unsure what to make of all this cold fluffy ‘sand’ – they left a beautiful trail of paw prints all over the back yard.

Soon I was all wrapped up in hat, scarf & gloves & ready to take them into the field by our house for their morning walk. The birds were flitting from branch to branch amidst falling snowflakes, chirping as they went, & on the way to the field we stopped & spoke to the lonely horse who stood searching for grass shoots beneath the snow. A beautiful snow scene awaited us – a whole field spread with a blanket of crisp, unblemished snow, just waiting for our footprints!

Then, all of a sudden, out popped a rabbit to say good morning – boo! Max & Molly’s ears popped up! & then, quick as a flash he disappeared again before they could give chase. Molly buried her nose deep in the snow, thinking he may have burrowed down that way, while Max kept a watchful eye on the horizon in case he had scooted over there! Little did they know that the bunny was all the time watching them from beneath the snow covered birches at the corner of the field ;-)

The dogs & I returned home, leaving the field full of paw prints, where we had been playing & the little bunny hopped down into his woodland burrow where he kept safe & warm until the snow melted.

Max, Molly & I in the snow this morning

You can see more photos from this morning’s wintry walk here.

Meet Tar

Tar is the beautiful dog that my partner & I are currently fostering for  Gracehounds, our local greyhound rehoming charity.


Tar’s racing days are far behind him, having been a pet for several years now. However, due to an unfortunate change in his previous owners’ circumstances Tar is now looking for a home again. But until that special someone comes along, he’s going to stay here with us.

He has the most adorable face, with a cute up-turned nose & long, velvety soft ears. Martin thinks this makes him look like a cross between a cayman & a rabbit, but I think he is cute as a button!

Tar is cute as a button!

At 7 1/2 years old, Tar’s  muzzle is starting to look distinguished, but he is a young dog at heart, with a playful streak & a super-waggy tail! He’s a very easy-going boy, & loves nothing more than a scratch behind the ear.

Tar acts younger than his years

He gets on with other dogs of  all shapes & sizes, is good with children & is even ‘cat-safe’! He’s settled very quickly into his foster home, where our own dogs, Max & Molly, have made him most welcome, even sharing the furniture with him!!

Molly & Tar share the sofa

You can find out more about Tar & Gracehounds’ other foster dogs here. I’ll be posting updates to let you know how Tar is getting on.

Dogs, Dragons and Lagomorphs

The Dog House meets Dragon House (of Yuen)

Dragon House of YuenA fortnight ago I purchased a birthday card for my Dad from Etsy shop Dragon House of Yuen. Usually I have to wait (impatiently!) for my Etsy purchases to arrive via the post, but this one arrived on my doorstep along with its creator! Meeting a fellow Etsy seller in person was a first for me, but it was so lovely to meet Annette & share a cup of tea & a chin-wag.

Annette & her lagomorphs

Annette lives in nearby Edinburgh with her fiance & 2 rescue rabbits, Arabella & Wesley. Her rabbits are the inspiration behind many of her creations, which include cards, watercolours, bags, soft sculptures & ACEOs. Everything is her own design & handmade with great love and attention to detail.

Arabella, Annette’s beautiful rescue doe – from Little Critterz Rescue Sanctuary in Perthshire, Scotland


Wesley, Annette’s very handsome rescue buck – from the Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare Rescue Centre in Rugby, England

An avid supporter of various charities including WSPA, the BUAV, Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare and the Buckeye House Rabbit Society, Annette donates a percentage of some of her sales to these charities, as well as donating some of her hand-crafted items to be raffled.

2 of Annette’s amazing handmade bagsthe one on the left is modelled on Arabella & the one on the right on Wesley!

baby hare sculpture

Some of Annette’s unique soft sculpturesbaby hare, baby rabbit & baby feline

Annette paints beautiful watercolour pet portraits. She accepts commissions &, if your pet is a rescue animal,  will gladly donate 20% of the total cost of the painting to your animal rescue centre or charity.

Zai sitting

A portrait Annette painted of her special rescue rabbit, Zai, who sadly is no longer with her

Annette is a fellow member of both the Etsy For Animals & McEtsy teams, which is how I came to ‘meet’ her online. Her sunny personality shines through in her active participation of these teams & she has a unique talent of pulling together the work of fellow artists to create beautiful treasuries, often with poignant messages relating to her love of nature & animals.

One of Annette’s many curations . This one’s entitled ‘Soul Shaker’ & is part of a trilogy of treasuries with fellow Etsyians Pey & Pat

So many grey hares

Grey Hares card

Like everything Annette sells, the custom birthday card I had ordered arrived beautifully packaged. Annette had also included a generous selection of samples of her other work, including a puffin image which I am particularly fond of!


The card featured decades of little grey hares, in fact one white cut-out baby hare with added fur detailing in pencil for every year of my Dad’s life (& that’s quite a lot of hares!). Annette had printed then cut-out each individual hare and adhered them onto the A6 card, which opened accordion-style.

Grey Hares birthday card

The message, which is revealed line by line as you open the card, read:

Grey Hares card“It’s that time again!!!

Happy Birthday

Uh – Oh!

So many

Grey Hares!!


A creative & unique card, Annette can custom make this card for the ‘oldie’ (Sorry Dad!) in your life by tailoring the number of grey hares. I just love it, & so did my Dad!

Dining on kale

kaleThe kale which we sowed in our garden earlier this year – we now have a bumper crop & don’t know what to do with it all!

I sent Annette home with a bag full of kale from our garden, which she informs me is a favourite of Arabella & Wesleys’. Although Annette was very taken with both Max & Molly, we decided it was probably best if those two never got to meet her lagomorphs in person! Although, I hope that I may have the privilege of doing so some day soon…

Arabella & Wesley tuck into some kale

You can read Annette’s blog post about our meeting here.