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(Not So) Hot Dog Show

Last Sunday (May 30th), Gracehounds held their annual Hot Dog Show & Summer Fete at Vogrie Country Park in Midlothian. This year I helped organise the Arts & Crafts tent, along with volunteer dog walker & friend of Gracehounds, Ann Spence. Our aim was to raise funds for Gracehounds by asking artists to donate 25% of their sales at the fete to the charity.

the Arts & Crafts tent(s)

I turned to the local Etsy community, where I found several talented & big-hearted artists who were happy to come along & help us: Alison of Ali Bali Jewellery, Annette of Dragon House of Yuen, Angel of Maiawalli Art, Mike of Wudwerx, Kirsty of Wooden Tree, Emily of Emily Moir, & Jess of Jess Lovell.

Annette (Dragon House of Yuen) & Angel (Maiawalli Art)

Don’t Annette’s baby hare soft sculptures look adorable all huddled together?

Mike (Wudwerx), Angel (Maiawalli Art), Annette (Dragon House of Yuen) ‘s Mum, & Alison (Ali Bali Jewellery)

Emily (Emily Moir), Kirsty (Wooden Tree)  & friends

Jess (Jess Lovell)

We were also supported in the Art & Craft tent by local artists Marjorie White (jewellery maker), Barbara Hunter (card maker), Kerry Lindsell (Dundee art student), Colin Nairns (photographer), & Sara Brunt (cartoonist). Sara is the owner of greyhound Tar, who Martin &  I fostered for Gracehounds last year, & I was overjoyed to be able to spend the whole day in his company!


I love the ‘Disgrace Hounds’ cards which Sara made specially for the event!

&, of course, Martin (Red Row Studio) & I (Max & Molly Designs) were there with our own stall, which Max & Molly used as a handy shelter when the heavens opened! I think they were also attracted to the smell of the homemade dog treats we were selling ;-)

Still smiling despite the rain!

Molly shelters under our stall

Half way through the afternoon, I had the opportunity to leave the stall in Martin’s capable hands for a moment whilst I entered Max & Molly in the Dog Show itself, where they were placed 1st in the ‘Best Family Group’ category (for the 2nd year running!).

Martin manning our stall

Best Family Group winners

Back at the stall with our rosette (Can you see Tar there in the background?)

Needless to say, the rosette the dogs won was not the only new item to be acquired that day… I couldn’t resist bringing home a few of my favourite fellow artists’ creations, which are now adorning our home!

Crafty Magpie linocut print by Jess Lovell; Greyhound plushie by Kirsty Anderson; Stretch cartoon by Sara Brunt

It may have rained constantly & blown a gale in typical Scottish fashion, but, despite the dismal weather, we still managed to raise over £80 between us at the Arts & Crafts Tent alone, every penny of which will go directly towards the fostering and re-homing of rescued greyhounds. A HUGE thank you to all the artists who came along to the event for their support & generosity!

Every Cloud…‘ a gallery featuring the work of each artist who was at the show, plus some other McEtsy & Handmade4Hounds team members

The Dog Show as a whole was a success, with over £1500 raised in total. You can see more pictures from the event here.

The Other Side of the Baby Gate

On the other side of the baby gate, safe from all the greyhounds,  lives our little cat, Angie! We adopted Angie from Lothian Cat Rescue in May 2006, along with her sister Tink (who is sadly no longer with us). Her family had handed the pair in after discovering their child was allergic to cats (as am I, but hey there’s nothing a little antihistamine won’t fix!).

There were dozens of cats to choose from when my partner & I visited the shelter in Bonnyrigg, but Angie & Tink were the first 2 we laid eyes on & I knew right away we had to have them! They both had wonderful emerald green eyes & the loveliest friendly natures. 2 years old, they both had tabby & white markings, Tink with short hair & Angie with long.

Tink & Angie

Tink was only with us for 6 months, before she was tragically killed by a car on the road outside our house. Angie took a while to get used to being the only cat, & we deliberated whether or not we should continue to let her outdoors after what happened to poor Tink. However, having always been an ‘outdoor’ cat she really wasn’t happy being cooped up in the house so we decided just to let things be & take the risk.  Despite all the animals we have around us these days, we do still miss Tink & will never forget her.

Tink – never forgotten

Since we moved out to the countryside last year, Angie has become an independent little madam & likes to roam the fields hunting birds, mice & even frogs! Of course, she likes to share these wonderful delicacies with us by dragging them through the cat flap every now & then – how lovely! She always comes in in the evening though (probably coz she knows that’s when I put her food out!) & tends to stay in all night, snuggled up on our bed with us.

Angie sprawls out on our bed!

Since acquiring our greyhounds last year, we’ve had to install a baby gate to separate off part of the house where Angie can take refuge! Despite assurances from the Retired Greyhound Trust that Max was 100% cat-safe, he most certainly isn’t & I would never leave the 2 alone together. It’s a shame, as I know there are plenty greyhounds who are cat-safe. It probably has something to do with the fact Angie is a very fluffy cat & also very timid. I’m sure if Max encountered a bold cat who stood their ground & hissed at him on approach, he would soon get the message!

Angie in her own bed (for once!)

The gate never ceases to amuse first-time visitors to our house, & I do dream that someday our pets will all manage to live in harmony & we can take it down, but until that day the gate stays: The dogs get the kitchen & the living room (with access to the garden via the kitchen); the cat gets the bedroom & the bathroom (with cat flap in the bedroom window!).  Angie doesn’t seem to mind at all, seeing as she spends the majority of her time outdoors anyway, & I think she feels pretty smug that she gets to share our bed with us while the dogs have to sleep through the house! Plus, I often catch her out of the corner of my eye, silently following the dogs & I on our daily walks round the fields, her sparkling green eyes peeping through the undergrowth.

‘Cat & Can’ – Angie investigates our watering can

This last photo of Angie was taken in our garden just the other day by my partner, Martin, & is available to purchase as a print from his Etsy shop, Red Row Studio.